Like what we are doing? You can help us by donating gently used clothing and other merchandise.

We partner with non-profits which we purchase donations. We also attend auctions and estate sales to get the best of the best in recycled clothing and vintage items.

In addition to collection at our store located at 705 Illinois Avenue Suite A-1 in Joplin, we will also pick up donations from estate, moving sales, and garage sales at no charge to the donor. We will even come in your house to pick up large or heavy items.

Our Non-Profit Partners can not accept some items as a result from State Health or Safety regulations, unsatisfactory condition, or merchandising reasons:

  • Furniture with stains, tears, odors or damage
  • Baby Cribs
  • Car Seats
  • Anything containing gasoline or chemicals
  • Safety Recalled Items

We do get product requests at times. This means even if our partners cannot accept your donations, we may be able to link you with a buyer or someone willing to take those items at no charge.

Things we are looking for:

Men and Women’s Dress Clothing (We often give these to those in need and looking for a job).

Donate Time

If you are a professional that have a skill that can help veterans, those looking for a job, or support non-profit animal groups then we want to talk to you!

There are many non-profits out there that do excellent work, we want to help support those non-profits and we understand there are some overlap in services, but most non-profits are stretched as far as they can be stretched. We want to help alleviate some of that and hopefully we do some good.

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