About Us

We Are More Than a Store!

Our Story

Simply Vintage seemed like a distant dream for Tiffany Wininger. She always wanted to have a store of her own where she could take her passion and make it into a business. She loves to purchase vintage items and re-purpose them or simply cleaning them up and letting it bring joy to others.

Tiffany found an opportunity to form partnerships that could leverage her passion and those of our partners.

Tiffany’s husband, Shawn Wininger, is the services arm of the company. With his background, Simply Vintage is on a mission: To help our local community. Not just with donations or money, but with actions that can be turned into progress.

Shawn’s background consisted of working as a SBTDC Business Consultant. The one thing he always felt was missing was the opportunity to help non-profits.

Our passion and our mission is to help our community.

Our Store

We are a hybrid thrift and vintage store, so we sell both new and recycled clothing. We also sell common thrift store items.

We have vintage clothing, toys, and furniture. We often offer items that are to large or bulky to be in the store. For those items, we will have those items on our website and Facebook exclusively.

If you are looking for items that we may not have in the store, fill out our suggestion box with your name and number and what you are looking for, we come across all kinds of items every day.

We also do consignment. If you have items that we can help you sell, let us know. We will include those online and market them digitally for you.

We especially want to work with vendors that want to sell their products but may not have the storefront or do not have the room to sell your items. We are looking for printing vendors that would like to sell clothes in our “Only Local” area.

What We Do

What is it we do that is different? What an excellent question! We try our best to help where we are needed.

Our absolute passion is to see others succeed and know we made a difference in somebody’s life. We are looking for people that want to partner with us and run events, look for co-marketing opportunities, and volunteer.

We have a section in our store for local events, job postings, and community activities. We want to be a resource for those in our community.

We have resume writing and interviewing tutorials. We keep them in our “Dress for Success” area. We also teach resume writing and interviewing classes to help those looking for a job.

We can help disabled veterans that looking for a job and may need other services. Shawn is a disabled veteran, so he understands the needs of veterans disabled or not.

What We Can Do For Your Organization

We can partner with your organization and help you run events, co-marketing through digital channels, and receive donations for you.

As a Simply Vintage Partner, we will assess your needs and do whatever we can to help you meet your goals. Click here to see more information on Becoming A Partner.

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